Canyonlands White Rim Trail Ride


In September 2014, as part of Shane’s “60th Orbit Adventures”, he organized a group of eight friends to join us to bike/drive the White Rim Trail — 100 miles of treacherous road in Canyonlands National Park. Seven of us live in Colorado Springs: Shane, Stormy, Charlie, Beth, Karen, Bill, Mary. Three traveled from the Seattle area: Val, Leslie, Eric. We gathered in Moab, Utah on Wednesday evening and began the adventure on Thursday morning. Continue reading

Imogene Pass Run 2014

It was about a year from last July I had the idea to do some things during my 60th year before I get too old to do them. One of the first things I thought of was to run a marathon with my sister Tana. I’ve never done a marathon, but my sister is a veteran of many including the New York Marathon. When I told Tana I wanted to run a marathon during my 60th orbit the first words out of her mouth were “Oh shit!”  Continue reading

60th Orbit Update

Since my last post, and with much help from friends and family, I managed to accomplish my skiing goals, do a little climbing, do the Imogene Pass Run with my sister Tana, and ride the White Rim. The Imogene Pass run was exhausting, and the White Rim trip was spectacular. They both deserve a posts of their own. I’ll do that later. This is an update on skiing and climbing. Thanks to everyone that helped me make this happen.
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Exum Backcountry Ski Week

Two of my goals for this 60th orbit were to get to know the Teton backcountry better and ski Jackson Hole Resort’s side country. A few months ago I found out that Exum Mountain Guides offered a perfect opportunity to do this. They offer a backcountry ski week. It consists of three days of exploring the Teton backcountry, a day in the side country at Jackson Hole, and a day with an Exum guide at Snow King. This sounded great so I signed up. It was exactly what I wanted and I met some great skiing companions I hope to ski with again in the near future.

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Skiing Star Hill

While in Afton I’ve been alternating one or two days of work on a textbook with a day of skiing. A few days ago it was a day to work on the book, but when I woke up it was a bluebird day. I couldn’t stay inside, but I couldn’t take the whole day to drive to the Tetons either.

In the summer I can hike Star Hill. It’s a hill right behind the house where high school seniors maintain a big white star for “Star Valley” instead of the school initials. It rises about 1400 ft right behind the house in Afton. Maybe it is skiable?

Star Hill with sawmill

Star Hill. The building in the foreground is Stormy’s grandfather’s old sawmill.

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