Canyonlands White Rim Trail Ride


In September 2014, as part of Shane’s “60th Orbit Adventures”, he organized a group of eight friends to join us to bike/drive the White Rim Trail — 100 miles of treacherous road in Canyonlands National Park. Seven of us live in Colorado Springs: Shane, Stormy, Charlie, Beth, Karen, Bill, Mary. Three traveled from the Seattle area: Val, Leslie, Eric. We gathered in Moab, Utah on Wednesday evening and began the adventure on Thursday morning. Continue reading

Imogene Pass Run 2014

It was about a year from last July I had the idea to do some things during my 60th year before I get too old to do them. One of the first things I thought of was to run a marathon with my sister Tana. I’ve never done a marathon, but my sister is a veteran of many including the New York Marathon. When I told Tana I wanted to run a marathon during my 60th orbit the first words out of her mouth were “Oh shit!”  Continue reading